About the Foundation

The Foundation plays an important role within the Barker community by bringing people together in support of the School, its students and families.

The Foundation was Incorporated in 1981 and has assisted the School Council and Head of School in advancing education at Barker. It always strives to uphold the visionary inspiration of its original architects and honour the generosity of the School's esteemed supporters and benefactors, past and present.

"Barker's riches lie within its community; members of whom give so generously of their time, energy and money."
The Rev. John Griffiths (former Chairman of the School Council)

The Foundation’s role is to work with the School to ensure the fabric of Barker stays strong now and in the future. The Foundation of Barker College firmly believes that fostering a culture of giving in the Barker Community, is fundamental in making Barker the vibrant and dynamic community our students engage and are inspired by each day. By GIVING BACK GIVING TOGETHER we all can play a part in continuing to create a place of educational purpose and excellence, and ultimately fulfilling the School's Vision to inspire every student, every day in every experience.


Each year the Foundation offers the opportunities for students to attend Barker by providing financial support through their Scholarship Fund. Students undertake an academic examination and submit a formal application. For more information on the Scholarships offered, please click here.

Supporting Students

The Foundation seeks to encourage students in pursuing excellence in both their academic and co-curricular endeavours. They have endowed the Year 10 Girls Sports Cup Prize and the Junior School Art Prize which are awarded at the Annual Celebration Evenings in December each year.

Supporting Staff

The Foundation is keen to encourage all Barkers’ staff - both teaching and non-teaching - to pursue further educational and self-development opportunities in their chosen field of interest. Each year they support members of staff to expand their own professional development by either attending further training, presenting or attending conferences both within Australia or overseas, and other post-graduate opportunities.


There are various ways you can donate to Barker to support the work of the Foundation.  

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