Senior School

Encouraging our students to learn and think independently.

All-round individuals

I really enjoy showing visitors around Barker. They are impressed by our wonderful facilities and the School’s beautiful setting. Staff and students are equally privileged to work in such a great place.

However, the heart and soul of the school is not to be found in the buildings and the grounds, it is in the people who come here to work, to learn and to play.

At Barker we want our students to be happy and enthusiastic as they arrive at school each morning.

We work hard to produce a Christian, caring and safe environment, where our students can learn in a busy and vibrant work place.

House Program

Through our Senior School House Program we foster strong bonds between student and teacher in which the students are treated as young adults. Heads of House work with students in the area of student wellbeing, as well as academic progress.

In the classroom, our aim is for every student to study the subject combinations of his or her choice and interest and we encourage our students to learn and think independently.

We offer a wide variety of activities outside the classroom. Sport is compulsory and there are many other voluntary activities, including Cadets, Robotics, Crusaders, Debating, Year group Drama productions, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Music and Adventure Sports.

As they move from Year 10 to Year 12 we enjoy watching them grow in their maturity and responsibility.

We hope that when they leave Barker, our students will be all-round individuals, not only academically able, but also with an understanding of social responsibility and a strong sense of who they are as they commence the journey into adulthood.

Please join me on a tour of our Senior School, so that we can show you how we inspire our students, every day and in every experience.

David Giltrap
Head of Senior School