Child Protection

The Christian heritage of Barker College is the inspiration for our values and purpose. It is our abiding commitment to the safety, protection and well-being of all children and young people in our care that drives our mission, vision and values.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Barker College is committed to providing education and care to children and young people to assist them to develop into high-achieving, supported students, positively connected to each other and to the communities in which they live. As a School, we care for all, protect all, reach out to all and seek the well-being of all. We are committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people at the School and we are dedicated to protect them from harm.

We regard our child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance, and as such are committed to providing the necessary resources to adhere to all relevant child protection legislation and to maintain safe and supportive physical and online environments for our students.

The School commits to be a child-safe organisation and to the implementation of the recommendations and Child Safe Standards contained in the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

As part of our commitment, the School has established a Child Safety Team comprised of experienced staff members who are able to address sensitive issues relating to child protection and safety.

The School is always concerned for the well-being of all our students past and present. In 2015, an open letter to the Barker community was sent by the Head of Barker College, Mr Phillip Heath, - read more here.

On 26 March 2019, the Council of Barker College formally advised its intention to join the National Redress Scheme through the Anglican Representative (National Redress Scheme) Limited. On 9 August 2019, the Minister for Families and Social Services declared the Council of Barker College as a participating institution in the National Redress Scheme (the Scheme) and a member of the Anglican Participating Group in accordance with the Scheme legislation.

The National Redress Scheme provides support to people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

The National Redress Scheme can provide:

  • access to counselling;
  • a payment, and
  • a direct personal response from the institution (e.g. apology) for people who want it.

To access the Redress Scheme, please go to or call the National Redress Scheme on 1800 737 377. Free and confidential redress support services are also available.

The School also has an established Confidential Support Line (1800 732 296) and a secure online reporting process and encourages its community to come forward with any information or concerns.