Gifts in Wills

Leaving a Gift in your Will is a special act of love and support for Barker. Bequests help to bolster the School endowment fund, providing a quality Barker education for more students and protecting the legacy of the School into the future.

It is on the basis of bequests received since the founding of Barker in 1885 that the School has grown and thrived for more than 130 years.

Bequests can be a powerful way to extend your impact beyond your lifetime. You can make a valuable contribution to Barker’s future without impacting your current financial circumstances. These gifts can vary in form:

  • the remainder of an estate after providing for family and loved ones
  • a percentage of an estate
  • a fixed sum
  • a life insurance policy, property or shares. Gifts of property or shares are most welcome.

Why leave a gift in your will to Barker College?

To develop innovative learning programs, provide scholarships to those who could not ordinarily afford a Barker education, maximise and enhance the skills of our staff, build exciting new facilities – and so much more. Tuition fees alone will never meet all these needs so we rely on the support of our School community.

Take a tour of our School and see what your gift will do

When considering a gift in your will we welcome you to take a tour of the School and discuss your thoughts with us.

Friends of the Mint Gates

The Friends of the Mint Gates has been established to honour those members of Barker’s Community who have confirmed their intention to include the School in their will. Members are invited to special School events attended by the Head of School and members of the School Council. It is very important to us to show our appreciation to your commitment so we would encourage you to advise us of your intention. Everyone who notifies us of their gift to Barker College is welcomed as a member into our Friends of the Mint Gates.

We can provide you with wording and advice on how to structure a Gift in your Will. To help you, please download our intention form, complete it and return it to Barker’s Advancement Office.

For a confidential discussion or to find out more, please contact our Director of Advancement, Mrs Tori Grimes.