Swim Squads

Squad Pathway

The sport of swimming offers many benefits, both in competitive and recreational environments.  Swimmers develop self-discipline, the ability to accept and apply feedback, good sportsmanship, and time management skills. Extending to competitive swimming allows the swimmer to experience success and to learn how to deal with defeat; to plan and work towards set objectives while becoming healthy and physically fit.

At Swim@Barker we not only develop swimmers but also confident, healthy, and independent individuals who can build on a strong foundation to reach their full potential both in and out of the pool.

At Swim@Barker we believe that swimming is a skill for life.

We have made some changes to our structure for the 2023 Winter season as detailed below which we are sure will make it both easier and more enjoyable for any student to Swim@Barker.

New Squad Structures

“Junior School” previously known as Red & Bronze squads. This program is suitable for all Barker College Junior School (up to year 6) aged swimmers who have progressed past Sharks squad, or new students to the program who have been graded by our coaches as squad level. Junior School sessions will be run by our experienced team of coaches, developing, and preparing for current and future aquatic activities. This structure gives students access to all our great coaches at Barker, a very exciting addition to our program.  

Junior program point of contact, Coach Blake Heggie BHeggie@barker.nsw.edu.au  

“Secondary School” previously known as Fit & Fast, Silver & Gold squads. The Senior program will now offer an opportunity for every Barker College student to swim in a session most convenient to them, with other students of similar age and ability. Session will be conduct by our dedicated coaching team who will be using the most up to date techniques and methods to see each student achieve their individual goals.

Secondary programs point of contact, Coach Critoph SCritoph@barker.nsw.edu.au

New Fee Structure

Squad fees will no longer be charged at the monthly rate, with only Junior squads charged a term fee. This fee will be charged at the beginning of each term and gives students access to suitable sessions offered on the squad timetable. No charge for holiday swimming, this means swimmers can easily take a break and/or swim based on their training plans and goals. All enrolled squad students are welcome to attend the holiday squad programs.

Junior School Squads $150/term

Middle/Senior School Squads $0/term (falls under college sports fees)