Donate Today

Donate Today

The impact of your generosity is helping to inspire tomorrow’s Barker for us all. Whether you choose to support a specific area, such as Indigenous Education, make regular donations through termly giving, or give major gifts, your support is vital and the School is so grateful. We are honoured by your shared commitment to ensuring an ever-improving experience for not just your own children, but for others' children still to come.

Your gift to the Barker Future Fund will allow us to continue the work of evolving the School, for the good of all our community past, present and future. For those that give to the Barker Future Fund, and select being open to recognition, the School will recognise your leadership gift and your generosity in a variety of ways including: personal notes, invitations to events, public celebration in our Barker magazine.

The establishment of the Barker Future Fund encourages the support of the following:

  • Transformational scholarships for deserving children of all backgrounds
  • Tomorrow’s inspirational education spaces
  • Enriching the diversity of the School
  • Indigenous education initiatives
  • Funding operating gaps to keep fees as low as possible
  • Supporting students from refugee backgrounds through Learn to Swim programs and after school tutoring programs. Learn more about our Humanitarian Program.
Your donation options:
  • Barker Barang, the tax deductible fund for Indigenous Education
  • Barker Foundation's tax deductible Future Fund 
  • Barker Foundation's tax deductible Building Fund and tax deductible Scholarship Fund
  • Barker College tax deductible Library Fund
  • W S Leslie Scholarship Fund (tax deductible or not tax deductible funds)

Barker Foundation Donations

We welcome the opportunity to recognise all of our generous supporters.