Community Groups

Community Groups

Sports Supporter Groups

In the late 1990s, supporter groups were established for parents of students playing Cricket, Basketball, Rugby and Football (Soccer), providing off-field social activities as well as raising funds to provide coaching aids, sponsorship for sporting tours, and funding coaching clinics.

Club members provide barbecues at home games and organise end-of-season functions to celebrate players' achievements, often recognising special contributions to the ideals of team sport and sportsmanship.

For more information about each of these Sports Support Groups along with how to purchase their merchandise and to become a member, follow their links to their respective pages in the Portal.

The Kurrajong Society
The Kurrajong Society - offering a special place for the friends of Barker.

The Kurrajong Society is open to anyone who loves Barker. Most of its members are former parents of the School who have already given significant time to parent activities and support groups. Kurrajong Society members remain actively involved in the School, attending plays, concerts and musicals to enjoy the work of present students. They also host their own social occasions bringing former parents, staff and friends of the School together to foster long-standing friendships and relationships, as well as to reminisce about Barker experiences.

The Society was not formed as a fundraising group but rather as a means for people with a common interest, that is, Barker College, to meet together. The Kurrajong tree is a robust and persistent tree, and Barker College has its roots in Kurrajong, a small township on the edge of the Blue Mountains where the School's founder, Henry Plume coached students in 1890. To contact the Kurrajong Society

Friends of Barker Music
Music at Barker involves the whole community

Friends of Barker Music (FOBM) is a music parent support group that was established in 2002. FOBM support the students and staff in a number of music activities throughout the year and helps initiate fundraising activities that support the costs of international touring. The Music Centre is extremely grateful for the generous support of FOBM over many years.

FOBM members assist with catering at School concerts, publicising Barker Music events to the wider community, fundraising for tours, and library cataloguing.

Parents wishing to be a part of the group are always welcome.

Contact FOBM to find out how you can get involved.

Did you know?

Barker opened its first swimming pool in 1934. Much of the excavation for this pool was done by senior students.