Established by the OBA in 2018, the OBA's Support for Life is a program providing assistance with issue such as depression, anxiety, illness, grief, financial distress, domestic violence and relationships.

This program is about providing a personalised first point of contact to help access a range of professional services. There is a genuine need for this program in the Old Barker Community where support, advocacy and counselling is provided to the alumni community. There are many wonderful, professional health and support service providers available both locally and nationally, which OBA Support for Life can recommend and direct people to, so that they can get the most appropriate help for their needs.

It is very important that people feel safe enough to reach out and to know they can talk to someone freely, safely and confidentially without fear of being judged. The OBA Support for Life program is now working with MyMirror to provide the specialist care and support for our alumni. Our Community Chaplain, Rev Jeff Ware is also available to provide pastoral care and support too and can be contacted on 0434 385 442 or

Ultimately the goal of this program is to improve the outcome for our Alumni and their families who might be struggling financially, physically and/or emotionally so they can live happier and healthier lives.

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If you, or anyone you know, needs some support, please contact OBA Support for Life on 0434 385 442 or
This is a free service provided by the OBA.