OBA Committee

The Old Barker Association committee proudly supports the Alumni of Barker. The committee regularly meet throughout the year to plan how to best meet the needs of the Alumni and School community.  To contact the OBA oba@barker.nsw.edu.au

OBA Committee
President Vanessa Bennett (91)
Vice-President Peter Gregory (03)
Treasurer Andrew Hassell (86)
Secretary Matthew Ross-Smith (10)
Assistant Secretary David Brookes (79)
General Committee Angus Abadee (07)
  Jimmy Glynn (13)
  Jenny Kalaf (Melville 78)
  Bec Myer (09)
  David Slinn (80)
  David Trayner (84)
  Henry Wells (10)

Nominees to School Council
Pennie Cruickshank (79)
Michael Brodie (79)
Tony Gamson (78)

OBA Annual Patrons
Benjamin Anson (85)
Sandy Hollway (64)
Pip Hurley (Webber 85)
Keith Thornton (64)

OBA Seniors
Peter Ward (59)