OBA Committee

The Old Barker Association committee proudly supports the Alumni of Barker. The committee regularly meet throughout the year to plan how to best meet the needs of the Alumni and School community.  To contact the OBA oba@barker.nsw.edu.au

OBA Committee
President Angus Abadee (07)
Vice-President Emily Elstermann (Tutt 09)
Vice-President Declan Flaherty (16)
Honorary Secretary Dush Sharma (05)
Assistant Secretary Vacant
Honorary Treasurer  Benjamin Ho (09)
Assistant Treasurer Simon Smith (91)
General Committee Vanessa Bennett (91)
  Georgia Breckenridge (18)
  Gemma Dywer (Davies 18)
  Josh Grace (90)
  Andrew Hassall (86)
  Ant Hearne (90)
  Chris Russell (70)

OBA Ambassador
Chris Russell (70) 

Nominees to School Council
Anna Sutton (05)
Meline Nazloomian (05)
David Trayner (84)

OBA Patrons
Sandy Hollway (64)

OBA Seniors
President Stephen Lloyd (65)
Vice-President Doug Spencer OAM (65)
Secretary Ian Pont (63)
Treasurer Bob Hill (56)
Committee James Humphery (65)
  Geoff Little (58)
  Tony Martire (51)
Immediate Past President  Doug Spencer OAM (65)