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Alumni Profiles

Dana Compton (16)

Dana is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Education (Birth-12) at Macquarie University. Since beginning her teaching degree, she has gained a very strong passion to become future educator. Dana is currently working as a childcare assistant and assisting with Junior and Senior drama classes as a co-curricular activity for primary students.  These jobs have fostered her strong love of educating others, as well as giving her courage and strength in her ability as a teacher.

Last year, she began volunteering at The Two Wolves Community Cantina. A non-for-profit organisation that raises money for remote communities in various third world countries. She has had the privilege of travelling with The Cardonar Project: Two Wolves Abroad company to Zambia in July last year, as well as Nepal earlier this year in January to teach English at local pre/primary schools.

Philip Forrest (64)

Philip is a successful and highly respected businessman. He is currently Director of ASX - listed TerraCom; Chairman of Readymix International; a member of the Governing Council, Singapore Institute of Directors; a non-Executive Director of Gemstar Technology Asia P/L; and non-Executive Director of Voyager Estate (Singapore) P/L.

Philip's journey started when he joined Citibank, which was shortly to become the world’s largest bank, in 1975. Following stints in Sydney and Melbourne, he moved to Head Office New York, departing Australia on April Fool’s Day 1980. After a couple of years in the USA, he was transferred to the Philippines, then to Indonesia, and then to Thailand. He arrived in Singapore in 1991, and is still there.

Philip believes the success of Asia is perhaps the most astonishing good news story of the last hundred years. In China, more than half a billion people have been taken out of poverty and thrust into the middle class. And that story is being repeated further south, in the ASEAN region. Each year, about 25 million people – roughly the population of Australia – are transitioning from rural poverty to the urban middle class, and these people increasingly want the goods and services that Australia can provide: meat instead of rice, wine instead of local beer, quality consumer goods, education, healthcare, tourist destinations, professional services, infrastructure, and so on. Importantly, this region is friendly towards us, and is right on Australia’s doorstep!

Stephen Jacob (71) 

Stephen is known as a musician, poet, speaker and presenter who loves sharing his ‘humanities’ program that is a combination of music, poetry, personal stories and inspiration. 

After much travel he returned to Sydney when he was 23, studied the physics of sound, then began touring with a ‘cover’ band, all the while developing his own style. At 26 he left Sydney to travel and ended up in Vancouver. Here he played with local musicians and taught piano for a year before he moved to Albuquerque. Here he taught music K-12 in a Sikh school, continued composing and began recording. At the age of 30 he moved to Seattle to study Dance and Music therapy and after playing a benefit was offered a gig as pianist/music director at that church. He finally recorded his first CD in his thirties, which led to touring nationally, expanding to speaking and presenting workshops. He worked in Seattle playing in restaurants and with many artists doing musical theatre, dance and animation soundtracks, bands and many benefits for favourite causes.

Currently he mostly improvises. It’s his inner soundtrack, not a specific genre yet he draws deeply on his early training and all subsequent studies. He loves jazz and enjoys many genres.

Penny McNamee (00)

Penny McNamee is one of Australia's most versatile actresses with her current role being that of Dr Tori Morgan in the Australian TV Series Home and Away. 

Penny grew up singing and loved musicals.  During her time at Barker she performed the lead role of Josephine in HMS Pinafore. Since school Penny's talents and hard work were noticed and rewarded with the role of Nessarose in the Australian production of Wicked, for which she won the 2009 Green Room Award. 

Penny is married to Matt Tooker from the Class of 2000 and together they lived in New York between 2011-2014.  During their time in New York, Penny was cast in several US television shows, including Political Animals, Elementary and Blue Bloods.  

Upon returning to Australia in 2015, Penny played the title role in Mary Poppins at Sydney's Riverside Theatre. Penny sort out television roles, playing various guest roles in Australian TV Series, including All Saints, White Collar Blue and The Pacific.  Penny and Matt have a son together and recently had their second child, a daughter, Neve.