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Head of Middle School's Welcome

A coeducational school experience provides a safe environment in which young men and women can grow up together, learn to work respectfully, and appreciate the differing viewpoints that each brings. It provides full access to the Barker College experience for all students and their families, promoting harmony and a rich and vibrant academic and co-curricular life for our students. I invite you to read more about our coed school environment.

As the Head of the Middle School, I encourage and expect a high degree of cooperation and participation from each student. I believe that there are essential goals on which individuals should focus. These include;

  • an understanding of social justice and a recognition of the importance of positive relationships
  • the development of independent and critical thinking as a means to becoming a life long learner
  • a sense of resilience and responsibility.

Any learning environment that involves working with children should centre on support, encouragement and care. In order to reach their potential in all facets of School life, children must be made to feel safe and valued with a view to becoming resilient young people.

In order to accomplish their best, students need to feel confident, keen and relaxed enough to express their perspectives and opinions. Students need an environment in which mistakes are viewed as permissible and integral to the learning process whether on a sporting field or at a high level of academic pursuit. It is a fundamental aim of the Barker Middle School to ensure that these rights of the individual are balanced against those of the group in question, to make certain that students are developing into independent and balanced members of both the School and wider community.

Pastoral and Academic Care

A part of Middle School culture is to impart to students and staff the privilege we have in working and learning here. Attached to that privilege is the need to foster a sense of social justice and responsibility. This is critical so every child can develop an understanding that they are an integral part of our School community and that they have a role in maintaining the great traditions and values of the School.

The Middle School at Barker comprises 16 Houses. The House environment is the key contact point for students and their parents with the School. The Heads of House and their team of Connect Group Leaders are members of the teaching staff and are responsible for the pastoral and academic care of the Middle School students. The Middle School Head of House is the initial point of contact for the parents and staff regarding a student's welfare at Barker. Students remain in the same House throughout their time at Barker. Year 9 House Seniors play a fundamental role in the leadership of the House group and the support and guidance of the younger students.

Please join me on a tour of our Middle School so that we can show you how we inspire our students, every day and in every experience.

James Denton
Head of Middle School

Head of Senior School's Welcome

All-round individuals

I really enjoy showing visitors around Barker. They are impressed by our wonderful facilities and the School’s beautiful setting. Staff and students are equally privileged to work in such a great place.

However, the heart and soul of the school is not to be found in the buildings and the grounds, it is in the people who come here to work, to learn and to play.

At Barker we want our students to be happy and enthusiastic as they arrive at school each morning.

We work hard to produce a Christian, caring and safe environment, where our students can learn in a busy and vibrant work place.

House Program

Through our Senior School House Program we foster strong bonds between student and teacher in which the students are treated as young adults. Heads of House work with students in the area of student wellbeing, as well as academic progress.

In the classroom, our aim is for every student to study the subject combinations of his or her choice and interest and we encourage our students to learn and think independently.

We offer a wide variety of activities outside the classroom. Sport is compulsory and there are many other voluntary activities, including Cadets, Robotics, Crusaders, Debating, Year group Drama productions, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Music and Adventure Sports.

As they move from Year 10 to Year 12 we enjoy watching them grow in their maturity and responsibility.

We hope that when they leave Barker, our students will be all-round individuals, not only academically able, but also with an understanding of social responsibility and a strong sense of who they are as they commence the journey into adulthood.

Please join me on a tour of our Senior School, so that we can show you how we inspire our students, every day and in every experience.

David Giltrap
Head of Senior School


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