Student Life

Student Life

Setting our students up for a life of learning

No two days at Barker are ever the same. Students are constantly challenging themselves – and being challenged – as they grow, expand their minds and learn to think big, practically and independently.

From Pre-Kindergarten through to the Senior years, students are exposed to a range of diverse opportunities and experiences. Through this, they’re able to develop resilience and adaptability within a supportive environment. By celebrating the differences in every student, Barker is a place where every student belongs, is valued and loves to be.

Through these pages, you’ll gain an insight into the various parts of Barker. At every stage, you will learn more about how Barker's students are encouraged to use education as a path to inspiring real change.

Did you know?

Barker's motto, Honor non Honores, translates to "seek honour above rewards".

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