Learning Support

Learning Support

Learning support at Barker is collaborative, dynamic and innovative.

Our multi- tiered approach ensures that students across the school (Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12) are able to access a range of support structures and programs designed to respond to students’ individual learning needs.

Core Support programs

The Learning Support team works closely with teachers to support student learning within the classroom. Collaborative lesson planning and team teaching opportunities foster the development of targeted differentiated classroom learning strategies, allowing for a range of students to access learning activities within the classroom.

Students have access to a range of targeted academic support and time management and organisation programs run by the Learning Support Department. Focus On and Knock it on the Head are popular afterschool academic support and study skills programs available for all Middle School students. Year group workshops such as Managing Year 7 (MY07) are designed to address students’ time management and organisational needs in practical and supportive ways.

Group Support Programs

Literacy and Numeracy support groups operate in the Junior School. These targeted support programs are designed to complement classroom programs and address important foundation skills and assist in the consolidation of student learning.

In the Middle and Senior Schools, targeted academic support is provided through streaming in some core classes, specific elective subjects as well as through Senior Study Sessions.

Individual Support Programs

At times, some students may require intensive support. In such cases, the Learning Support team will work closely with key pastoral care staff, school counsellors and parents to collaboratively develop, implement and monitor appropriate individual support programs.

The Learning Support Department also co-ordinate Disability Provisions for in-class assessments and examinations. The department also prepare Higher School Certificate Disability Provisions applications for submission to the NSW Education Standards Authority. Students and parents who wish to find out additional information regarding Disability Provisions should contact a member of the Learning Support team.