Archives of Barker

The Barker College Archives endeavours to provide a secure place for the School’s historical records and memorabilia to be preserved in perpetuity.


The Archives were established in 1964 by the then Master in Charge of History, Stuart Braga. The collection of archives gathered by Braga were a result of his research for ‘A Brief History of the School’ written for the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the foundation of the School in 1965, and later published in 1978 as the official School history Barker College – A History.

Our Purpose

The Archives endeavour to provide a secure place for the School’s historical records and memorabilia to be preserved in perpetuity. Since its establishment, several qualified archivists have devoted their efforts, skills and talents to growing the Archive, capturing the School’s history and actively bringing it to life through events, displays, tours and contributions to presentations and publications. The Archive aims to weave this rich history into everyday life around the School, strengthening the proud culture of Barker College and helping the community to learn from the past and prepare for the future.

The Collection

Our collection contains the official records, memorabilia and historical items of the School, its associations (e.g. OBA, BCPA, Foundation), and of individuals from within the Barker community. Items are selected by the Archivist for preservation because of their inherent administrative and historical significance. Thanks to the donations made by ex-students, members of staff and the wider Barker community, the Archives is fortunate to have a rich and diverse collection of material which comprehensively documents the history of the School and highlights the experiences of its community members. Items in the collection include but are not limited to: trophies, uniforms, war medals, minute books, performing arts programs, photographs, posters, architectural plans, oral histories, master plans, school magazines and publications, student records, prize lists, correspondence and digital material. The oldest item in the collection dates back to 1643.

Our Facilities & Services

The Archives is located on Level 1 of the Barker College Library and is operated by the School Archivist, Rachel Byrne, on a full-time basis (including school holidays) and Assistant Archivist, Ella Bates, on a part-time basis.

The Archives is not only a secure location for the Schools memory vault, it also hosts several displays throughout Level 1 and offers research space in our reading room and stack areas. Our archivists use multipurpose workstations to appraise, accession, and preserve collection materials as well as carry out research for projects, community events, and assist family historians. Visitors intending to use the Archives are required to make an appointment.

At the end of the day if it's worth keeping, it's in the Archives.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Barker College Archives
91 Pacific Highway
Hornsby NSW 2077
Ph: 02 8438 7290 

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