Quality Teaching

Quality Teaching

Professional learning at Barker is valued and recognised as a major contributing factor for improving the learning outcomes of students.

Professional discourse, interaction, practice, reflection and analysis through face-to-face presentations, online courses and other modes of delivery combine to provide an innovative, evidence based, practical and inspiring learning experience.

The Barker Professional Learning Program supports the expectation that all staff members at Barker continually grow in their practice by:

  • Participating in professional learning across varying aspects of work
  • Reflecting on practice
  • Contributing to the professional learning of colleagues

Throughout any year, Barker's staff will participate in:

  • Whole School Professional Learning Days
  • Teacher Learning Communities
  • Online professional learning
  • Presentations
  • Professional Learning Courses
  • Coaching through the College of Teachers
  • Barker Institute run courses and events
Growth, Career and Feedback

Throughout any academic year, Barker's teaching staff will have the opportunity to reflect on their practices, as well as participate in professional conversation with Senior staff that benefit their teaching, learning growth and career development.  In addition, staff receive feedback from their students on teaching effectiveness in the areas that research suggests are most vital to student learning.

Mental Health First Aid

With a long term vision to create a mentally healthy workplace in which our staff thrive, Barker is delighted that over the course of the past two years, more than 100 staff at the School have completed the extensive course in Youth Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). Barker believes that the workplace presents a unique opportunity to reduce the impact and severity of mental illness by raising awareness, decreasing stigma and normalising metal health discussions.  

Travelling Fellowship

The Barker Foundation encourages all Barkers’ staff - both teaching and non-teaching - to pursue further educational and self-development opportunities in their chosen field of interest. Each year the Foundation supports members of staff to expand their own professional development by either attending further training, presenting or attending conferences both within Australia or overseas, and other post-graduate opportunities.

Quality teaching and learning drives the pursuit of supporting the School’s strategic vision of being a leading educational institution that inspires global hope.
College of Teachers

The College of Teachers aims to inspire teaching quality and continuous professional learning.  It brings together the skills and experiences of Barker teachers to lead educational change and support teachers across the School.

Through an environment of shared practice, open discussion, reflection and observation, the College of Teachers seeks to enhance the many strengths that exist in our community and creates a culture that facilitates teacher self-directed learning.

Teacher Accreditation

Barker provides strong support that enables teachers at the School to gain an understanding of the NESA accreditation responsibilities as well as a professional learning program that embeds NESA professional development requirements.  Many of Barker's teachers are accredited at the highest level of Highly Accomplished.

Established in 2014, the Barker Institute combines existing teaching, learning and research initiatives of the School with emerging trends in education.  The Barker Institute was developed to facilitate and support the strategic plan of the School, aligning with key aspects of the vision for the future. Visit their website to learn more about upcoming forums and workshops.

Did you know?

Barker currently has six teachers who are accredited at the Highly Accomplished level - arguably the highest number within a school in NSW.