Studies of Religion

The courses equip students with an understanding of the major worldviews and philosophies that underpin the belief and behaviour of individuals and their expression in contemporary life. Student understanding is deepened by visiting and talking with followers of various religions.

These courses challenge a student's worldview, broadens their understanding, helps them to grapple with other ways of seeing the world, and prepares them for life in multicultural society.


Head of Department: Rob Hughes

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Year 11

The aim of these courses as stated in the syllabus is to “promote an awareness, understanding and critical appreciation of the nature of religion and the influence of religious traditions, beliefs and practices in societies and on the individual, with an emphasis on the Australian context.” (Stage 6 Studies of religion syllabus document 1999, p.8).

Barker offers two pathways in completing Studies of Religion.

  1. Year 11 Accelerated 1U Studies of Religion.

    The accelerated program means that students will complete 1 unit of their HSC by the end of Year 11. Completing the course in an accelerated format gives students the advantage of experiencing the rigour of an HSC course in Year 11. This allows them to manage added extension subjects more easily in Year 12, prioritise any major works, and to simply grapple with the demands of the HSC year. 

The accelerated SOR course can only be studied in conjunction with Mathematics Extension or English Extension (as students still need to have a minimum 12 Preliminary units and the compacted SOR course counts only as 1 Preliminary unit and 1 HSC unit).

Students will study:

  • Two major religious traditions in depth
  • Aboriginal beliefs, culture and spirituality
  • Changes in the post-WWII religious culture in Australia
  1. Year 11 – Year 12 2U Studies of Religion.

The 2U course runs across Year 11 and Year 12.

Any student can study 2U Studies of Religion.

Students will study:

  • Three major religious traditions in depth
  • The relationship between religious traditions with both inner peace and world peace
  • Aboriginal beliefs, culture and spirituality
  • Changes in the post-WWII religious culture in Australia
  • Religious and Non-Religious worldviews