Modern Languages Extension Courses

An overview of French, Japanese, Chinese Extension Courses

In Year 12, students have the opportunity to explore contemporary texts in their target language and to further develop their language skills by picking up a one unit Extension course.  These courses build upon the knowledge acquired in the Continuers courses and further develop fluency in the language.


Head of Department: Trish Gibson


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Year 12

Through the close study of authentic texts, students broaden their understanding of Chinese, French or Japanese societies and perspectives and develop their ability to discuss contemporary issues such as connectedness, diversity and identity.

Extension courses are highly rigorous and are recommended for students who are travelling comfortably with their Continuers course studies and are seeking a further challenge.

For 2025-2030, the prescribed texts for each language will be:

Chinese Novel: Dear Andre 亲爱的安德烈
Authors: Andre and Long Yingtai
French Songs
Artists: Various (List available here)


Film: Like Father, Like Son (そして父になる)
Director: Hirokazu Koreeda