Mathematics Standard

2 Units for each of the Preliminary and HSC courses.

Prerequisites: The relevant topics of the Year 9 & 10 5.2 Mathematics course at Barker College.

Exclusions: Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension.

The Mathematics Standard course is an “applied” Mathematics course and aims to show the practical applications of mathematics to a wide variety of areas in everyday life.


Head of Department: Graham Hanlon

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Year 11

Basic mathematical skills are explored and consolidated in the Mathematics Standard course, while some of the more challenging concepts demonstrate to students the many real and practical applications of mathematics that are used in the modern workplace and everyday life. Knowledge of this material will be invaluable for all students in their life after leaving school.

There is also scope for the use of appropriate technology in this course, including the opportunity for students to use scientific calculators, graphics calculators and/or computer spreadsheets at various stages during the course. In addition, focus studies in the areas of communication, driving, health and resources will be introduced and assessed.

The Mathematics Advanced course explores quite topics to those studied in the Mathematics Standard course, i.e. the Standard course is not a subset of the Advanced course. If a student wishes to change to the Mathematics Standard course after the start of Year 11, a significant amount of material from the Mathematics Standard course will need to be caught up. Thus, it is important that students and their parents choose wisely before deciding which of the two 2 Unit Mathematics courses they will begin. Any change from the Mathematics Advanced course to the Mathematics Standard course must occur before the beginning of Year 11, Term 4. In addition, a position in an appropriate Mathematics Standard class timetabled at the same time cannot be fully guaranteed.

In the HSC year (Year 11 Term 4 onwards), the Mathematics Standard course splits into the Standard 1 and the Standard 2 courses. Most Barker students will continue onto the Standard 2 course, which is of greater rigour than the Standard 1 course.

The HSC Mathematics Standard 1 course is a Category B course. If students wish to receive an ATAR, they can only count two units of Category B courses (the only other Category B courses taken by Barker students are TVET courses). In Year 11 Term 3, the School will consider whether there is enough student interest to run a Mathematics Standard 1 class and hence whether it will be offered in the HSC year.

Preliminary Course Topics

• Financial Mathematics
• Statistical Analysis
• Algebraic Modelling
• Measurement

HSC Course Topics

• Financial Mathematics
• Statistical Analysis
• Algebraic Modelling
• Measurement
• Networks


The assessment for Mathematics Standard will include a mix of in-class tests, investigation-style tasks and an examination.