Legal Studies

From the legalisation of gay marriage in 2017 to the global impact of the #MeToo movement, and the issues surrounding freedom of the press, Legal Studies provides the opportunity to explore Australia’s legal system through the discussion of contemporary issues shaping our world today. Key focus areas include criminal law, human rights, international relations, family law and civil law.

Legal Studies allows students to develop a range of skills including structuring an argument, conducting research and writing essays, and are also provided a platform to discuss and build an understanding of national and world events. Knowledge of the law is increasingly valued by employers, as is becoming a more informed citizen, and having the ability to voice opinion and listen to others. Students who may be considering a legal or law-related career will benefit greatly from this subject, as will students wanting an initial introduction to the legal issues impacting our daily lives.


Head of Commercial Studies: Andrew Watts


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Year 11

Commerce is not a pre-requisite to study Legal Studies in Year 11.  Many Barker students will choose to study a combination of Commercial Studies subjects in Years 11 and 12.

Preliminary Course
  • The legal system
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Contemporary legal issues such as “The use of forensic evidence in investigating crime.”
HSC Course

Human Rights

  • What are human rights and how are they protected?
  • Contemporary issues – treatment of refugees, human trafficking and slavery


  • Criminal behaviour
  • The role of police and courts
  • Contemporary issues – aims of punishment, dealing with young offenders


  • Marriage and divorce
  • Parents and children
  • Contemporary issues – same sex relationships, care and protection of children

World Order

  • The development of world order
  • The role of the UN and other agencies
  • Contemporary issues - Libya, Syria, East Timor


Preliminary Course

Task 1: In-class test
Task 2: Research-based essay
Task 3: Semester Two Examination

HSC Course

Task 1: Research-based in class test
Task 2: In-class test
Task 3: Research-based essay
Task 4: Trial Examination