Enterprise Computing

This exciting course allows students to develop skills and knowledge in the topic areas of Interactive Media, Data Science and Visualisation, Networking Systems, Cybersecurity and the development of Intelligent Systems using neural networking principals.

With a strong grounding in data science, networking and user experience (UX), students will be skilled to design and develop systems that solve current problems. This course will include project design and management skills, problem solving, systems design, computational thinking and collaborative team work, all requirements for the emerging future skilled workplace.


Head of Department: Colin Jaques
Email: cjaques@barker.nsw.edu.au

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Year 11

Course Content
Preliminary Course (Year 11) 

The focus of the preliminary course is to develop the foundation skills and understanding of the use and application of digital tools in Enterprise Computing Systems. Students will learn about how to design and create interactive systems, as well as how to enhance, control and influence the User Experience through interface elements.  They will also explore how to specify and set up different types of computer networks, including cloud-based network architecture, whilst being aware of the requirements of cybersecurity and ethical design principles. 

Preliminary course content includes:

  • Interactive Media and the User Experience
  • Networking Systems and Social Computing
  • Principles of Cybersecurity



50% Practical: 50% Theoretical

Task 1: Thing Explainer - Students will create an individual interactive system utilising UI and UX principles. 
Task 2: Networking Project - Students will identify, plan and specify the creation of a networking system that includes investigation and application of cybersecurity principles.
Task 3: Examination - Formal written examination covering all work in the Preliminary course


Year 12

HSC Course (Year 12) 

The HSC course provides focused study in specific fields. Students will learn and apply data science principles through the manipulation of datasets and databases. They will use cutting-edge technology to visualise data, which is a crucial skill in business and science. Additionally, students will delve into designing and constructing intelligent systems to aid in problem-solving. The course also equips students with vital project management skills to effectively handle complex projects in the future. Enrolling in this course enables students to acquire the technological skills necessary for communication and problem-solving in today's digital landscape.

HSC Content includes:

  • Sata Science
  • Data Visualisation
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Enterprise Project


50% Practical: 50% Theoretical

Task 1: Case Study
Task 2: Project 1
Task 3: Project 2
Task 4: Examination