Elective Christian Studies

In 2024, students in Year 10 are able to elect to undertake a Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) Level 1 in partnership with Moore Theological College. There will be limited places available in this course and interested students will need to formally register their interest.


Head of Christian Studies: Rob Hughes
Email: rhughes@barker.nsw.edu.au 

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Year 10

This course will be delivered through the equivalent of one 60-minute period per week and will replace the student’s Christian Studies class. It will run as an early morning class and students will have a study period in the library when their Christian Studies class would have normally been timetabled. The course will run throughout year 10 and 11. Students will return to regular Christian Studies class in year 12.

This course will suit students who are motivated to undertake a more rigorous study of the Bible. It will provide a biblical, theological and historical foundation for the Christian faith. Over 2 years students will study parts of the Old and New Testament, Biblical Theology and Christian Doctrine. For more information, please refer to this website. The benefits of this course are:

  • An opportunity to study in more depth one of the world’s most influential books.
  • World-class content that has a rich heritage and is used across the world to teach students.
  • Upon completion of 6 units of study, students will be awarded a Preliminary Theological Certificate Level 1.
  • For students who attend Cru or serve at their local church, this course will provide a foundation for teaching and leading others in the Christian faith.

The PTC grew out of training for lay preachers for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. In 1941 Archdeacon T.C. Hammond (then Principal of Moore College) started lecturing a small group of lay preachers at Newtown. Twenty-four people sat for the first exam. From this small beginning, the demand for solid Bible teaching grew. The original PTC notes were a copy of T.C. Hammond’s lecture notes that were sent to those who had missed a lecture. From these humble beginnings the PTC began. The PTC is now online and Moore College has PTC students in many countries.

Each unit of study will cost $70 and will be charged to the student’s account. This will include printed notes and an official assessment marked by Moore Theological College. The core units include Introduction to the Bible (Biblical Theology 1), Promise to Fulfilment (Biblical Theology 2), The Pentateuch (Old Testament 1), Mark (New Testament 1), Knowledge of God (Doctrine 1) and Ephesians.