Economics provides understanding for students about many aspects of the economy and its operation that are frequently reported in the media. It investigates issues such as why unemployment or inflation rates change and how these changes will impact on individuals, businesses and governments.


Head of Department: Mr Andrew Watts

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Year 11

Economics develops students' knowledge and understanding of the operation of the global and Australian economy. It develops the analytical, problem-solving and communication skills of students. There is a strong emphasis on the problems and issues in a contemporary Australian economic context within the course.

Commerce is not a pre-requisite to study Economics in Year 11.  Many Barker students will choose to study a combination of Commercial Studies subjects in Years 11 and 12.

Preliminary Course
  • Introduction to Economics – the nature of economics and the operation of an economy
  • Consumers and Business – the role of consumers and business in the economy
  • Markets – the role of markets, demand, supply and competition
  • Labour Markets – the workforce and role of labour in the economy
  • Financial Markets – the various financial markets in Australia
  • Government in the Economy – the role of government in the Australian economy
HSC Course
  • The Global Economy – features of the global economy and the process of globalisation
  • Australia's Place in the Global Economy – Australia's trade and financial relationships with the rest of the world
  • Economic Issues – issues including growth, unemployment, inflation, distribution of income & wealth, external stability and environmental management.
  • Economic Policies and Management – the range of policies to effectively manage the economy.

Economics explores the contemporary problems facing the Australian, and global economy, such as rising income inequality, climate change and cost of living pressures. Students will be equipped with the critical thinking skills to solve not only these problems but the challenges of the future. Practical real world solutions is at the heart of what the Economics course addresses.