Accelerated Business Studies

Barker offers the Accelerated Business Studies course for Year 10 students wishing to extend their knowledge and understanding of Business Studies and who have the capacity and motivation to succeed in this rigorous course.


Head of Department: Andrew Watts

Year 10

The course will be completed over two years with students sitting the HSC examination at the end of Year 11 (2025). For the appropriate candidate, this is an excellent opportunity to experience the rigors of HSC study while still in Year 10. It will also allow students who have shown a flair for Commerce in Year 9 to undertake advanced studies. Commerce is not a pre-requisite course, however students in Year 10 may study both Commerce and Accelerated Business Studies.

The Accelerated Business Studies course will provide students with increased academic challenges through both blended learning and extension opportunities, that include greater academic complexity and open-ended inquiry. The course will follow the HSC Business Studies syllabus but will be designed to suit the needs of advanced learners. This will allow for some curriculum compaction to allow time to focus on more complex and abstract aspects of the course.

Students entering Year 10 in 2024 may apply to undertake this course.