The Barker Boarding Difference

Barker Boarding dates back to Day one, where The Reverend Henry Plume established a small, Christian living environment, to help students achieve their best.

Today, boarding at Barker College is a unique experience for Senior students only and with a maximum student population of 60, it is a tight-knit community.

The Barker experience attracts boarders from the suburbs of Sydney through to country regions of NSW and beyond. The coeducational environment and small boarder numbers allow for the development of close peer relationships, whilst also providing accessible academic and personal mentoring opportunities.

Families can consider keeping their children closer to home until the end of Year 9 and then elect to enter boarding from the start of Year 10. During the Senior years, the boarding environment has proven to be of benefit to many students as they focus on their academic program whilst maintaining a busy but balanced life. The necessity to develop independent-living skills and resilience is supported by strong Pastoral Care networks and programs.

Pastoral Care and Support Programs

Our programs of pastoral care and support have been developed to meet the needs of young people as they strive to meet their academic responsibilities whilst also allowing them to explore their sporting, musical, artistic, performing arts and outdoor educational aspirations. Ben Christopherson and his Boarding team aim to help Barker's young people develop an understanding of who they are and where they might contribute in life beyond Barker. They also work closely with our alumni relations team to assist boarders with work experience placement's, career and employment explorations and opportunities.


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Did you know?

John Dewes, Barker's fifth Head, was a former English test cricket player.

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