Preparing for World Champs

⁤In early March, seven students from our Robotics Team travelled to Istanbul, Turkey, to compete in the Istanbul and Bosphorus regionals Robotics competition. ⁤⁤

This marked the debut of our newest sub-team, the Barker Greybacks, who used this competition as an opportunity to hone their skills to match our seasoned veterans. ⁤

The 2024 Robotics season kicked off on a high note, with both teams clinching victory in their respective regionals. ⁤⁤Notably, the Redbacks secured a prestigious top 10 spot in the global rankings, out of over 3000 teams worldwide. ⁤

⁤Our teams distinguished themselves further by winning various individual awards. ⁤⁤The Redbacks earned accolades for the robust and sturdy design of our robot, securing the Industrial Design Award, whilst the Greybacks showcased exceptional programming consistency, and were awarded the Autonomous Award.

⁤Reflecting on the experience, Year 10 student, Josh remarked, "It was an amazing opportunity to grow both our understanding of robotics and of other cultures." ⁤⁤This sentiment resonated with Julian a Year 12 student, who “found enrichment in meeting diverse people and experiencing new cultures during the competition.”

⁤The vibrant culture of Turkey infused the robotics competition with an electrifying atmosphere, accompanied by a spirited crowd that rallied behind every participating team. ⁤⁤This fervour served as both inspiration and motivation for the Barker team, both on and off the field. ⁤

The camaraderie extended beyond competition boundaries, as our teams had the privilege to interact with various other teams operating from inside Turkey.

Beyond the competition arena, our students immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Turkish culture. ⁤⁤Exploring landmarks such as the Basilica cistern and marvelling at the architectural wonders of mosques which offered a glimpse into the country's rich heritage. ⁤⁤Sampling delicacies from street vendors, including the famous Turkish ice cream, provided a savoury insight into Turkish culinary delights. ⁤

Matthew Toft encapsulated the experience aptly, describing it as "a great, culturally immersive experience that broadened perspectives and fostered appreciation for diverse traditions.“

⁤The stellar performance of the Barker Greybacks has earned them a coveted spot at the upcoming world championship in April alongside The Redbacks.

As we reflect on our achievements, we are immensely proud of our students' dedication and accomplishments, and are excited about the prospects of the upcoming robotics year. It is shaping up to be our biggest and best yet.