Celebrating 10 Years of Leadership

At the School’s first Council meeting for 2024, the Council of Barker College recognised with applause, 10 years of outstanding and dedicated service by Barker’s 9th Head, Phillip Heath AM.

As the consummate planner, Mr Heath understands that the future belongs to those who prepare for it. He has worked in close partnership with the School Council to deliver the Mission and Vision of the School which is expressed in the Christian endeavour and characterised by ‘Inspiring Hope’ beyond the Mint Gates, Sydney, Australia and to a global audience. 

It is difficult to summarise the numerous achievements and milestones that the School has celebrated during his tenure to date as Head of Barker College. 

Two years into his Headship, Mr Heath announced the School’s transition to full coeducation stating that it was clear that the rich resources and experiences available at Barker should be open to boys and girls in all years. “Life is coed,” he stated in November 2016. 

This significant decision has allowed full access to the Barker College experience for all students and their families, promoting harmony and a rich and vibrant academic and co-curricular life for Barker students from their earliest years as they grow in confidence and capacity. 

His vision to build the Kurrajong Building, Rosewood Centre and the Senior School Hub has further enhanced the exceptional facilities at the School for generations of students still to come. 

A passionate advocate for Indigenous education, Mr Heath has been instrumental in the development and creation of Barker’s three Indigenous campuses for children in regional, rural, and remote Australia 

Whilst we congratulate, acknowledge and celebrate ten outstanding years of service, our staff, students and wider community look forward to many more years of his service to the Great Cause of Education.