The Barker Uniform

The Barker Uniform

The Barker stripe is an iconic part of our history.

School uniforms are an important part of the experience of any school. They provide us with a sense of time and place.

From time to time, changes occur in the life of the School. However, whilst change occurs we always remember our origins and the things that bind us together across the generations. With the admission of girls into both our Junior and Middle Schools we considered how we could celebrate the identity of both boys and girls, whilst retaining the iconic colours of red and blue and something of the history of our uniforms across the generations.

Giving students a choice is appropriate in a modern school and our uniform designs for the refreshed uniforms from Junior, through Middle and the Senior Schools, allow students to decide which items to wear from a core set. This takes into account changing climates, personal preference and activity levels.

Further information about the Barker uniform, along with FAQs about the new Junior, Middle and Senior school uniforms, is available in this booklet.

Plume Store

Barker's Uniform Shop, Plume Store, is located at 25 Clarke Road, entry from Marillian Ave near the Junior School. 

From 15 June, Plume Store will be open from 9.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 
Open Saturday 12 September.


Our uniform shop is an outlet of Perm-A-Pleat Schoolwear, a Western Australian family business that supplies uniforms to schools throughout Australia. 

If you have any questions please contact the Plume Store directly on +61 2 9487 4011

Perm-A-Pleat has a secure online ordering system for parents to make online purchases. To order online: click on the link select items to purchase and pay on the secure website. Parents will be notified by SMS when their order is ready for pick up and students/parents will be able to collect the items directly from Plume Store.

Save time and make an appointment with Plume Store to have your child fitted for their uniform.  Book your appointment below.

Second Hand Uniforms

The Barker College Parents' Association (BCPA) provides the facility to buy and sell Second Hand Uniforms at the Plume Store. If you wish to utilise this service, please review and complete the BCPA Second Hand Uniform Submission/Assessment Form. This form must be printed and signed and submitted, with all items, to the Plume Store. A list of accepted uniform items can be found on page one of the BCPA Second Hand Uniform Submission/Assessment Form.

Did you know?

The boater ceased being worn in 1979.

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