Sport is an integral part of life at Barker. Selection in a School team is a matter of pride. As a result, sport takes priority over other activities. Participation in sports is compulsory at Barker. Athletics, Swimming, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Cross-Country, Basketball, Hockey, Softball and Netball are the main sports played against other schools, although there are many others offered.

Participation in team sports, healthy competition and skills development are essential elements in the development of well-balanced young people. A strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play is fostered among the whole School community.

Most sports offer several levels of interschool competition and students are carefully graded to a team that matches their individual level of skill. In addition students compete in House Competitions including Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country.

Sports Fixtures

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Coaching at Barker

Coaching at Barker across all of our sports is an area the School takes very seriously. Barker invests heavily in its coaching program with a strong blend of highly experienced and professional coaches, young emerging coaches, past students and of course our teaching staff. Over the past 3 years the School has introduced a new ‘College of Coaches’ induction program whereby all new coaches attend mandatory information sessions in Winter & Summer to ensure they fully understand the importance of their roles and the standards and expectations of the School. All coaches wishing to be employed at Barker must now have a minimum level 1 coaching qualification (or its equivalent) and we encourage and support our coaches attaining higher qualifications by hosting Level 2 courses at the School which are typically run by the likes of NSW Rugby, Basketball NSW, Cricket NSW, Football NSW (via Northern Suburbs FA), Volleyball NSW, Netball NSW and Tennis Australia. All of our coaches must have a current WWCC and they must also undergo a national police check prior to commencing their employment at the School.

Coaches at Barker play an invaluable role at the School, especially when you consider they can potentially be spending more time with our students than their Maths or English teachers given the nature of our compulsory sports program. Our coaches are tasked to foster a positive and respectful culture with their team environments whilst always maintaining an inspiring attitude towards their coaching responsibilities on and off the field, court, or pool. Student engagement is paramount and we therefore encourage all coaches to take the lead in enabling openness, building a culture of trust and getting to know each and every student within their own teams to better understand the unique value and role that student can play within that team. This will ensure our students are engaged, challenged, developed and hopefully inspired throughout their sporting experience at Barker.

Our primary aim is to provide all students with an enjoyable sporting experience, where excellence is pursued and individual potential is realised. If students leave Barker and continue to play sport and remain active at any level then as a school we've done something positive as part of that student's sporting journey whilst at Barker. Aligned to this is the recent implementation of our weekly feedback system whereby coaches will measure the students’ performance, attitude and behaviour on a weekly basis and then at the halfway mark and again at the end of the season the coach will provide some formal feedback to each student as part of their ongoing learning and development. This is also an opportunity for our coaches to receive constructive and honest feedback from our students in terms of how the season has gone from their perspective. This information is then used to regularly review and improve our sports and coaching program holistically.

Barker Sporting Facts
  • All students participate in a Summer and a Winter Sport
  • Barker's sporting facilities include five ovals, 12 tennis courts, 2 Indoor Basketball courts, an astro-turf playing field, an indoor swimming pool, a full equipped Strength and Conditioning Gymnasium, dedicated Girl's gym
  • Barker Performance Program (BPP) for athletes of all abilities
  • Boys compete in the CAS competition (Committee of the Associated Schools)
  • Girls compete in the Independent Sports' Association (ISA) Competition and in local district and community sporting competitions.
  • In 2019, Barker were named CAS Diving Champions, 1st XI Archer Shield Champions in Cricket, 1st XI T20 Cricket Champions, 1st XI Football Champions and 1st XC undefeated Rugby Champions. Our girls enjoyed similar success being named ISA Swimming Senior Champions, 4 Premiership titles for Touch Football, Athletics Champions for third consecutive year and 2 Netball Premiership. 
Did you know?

Rugby was first introduced in 1905. Netball and Hockey were the first girls' sports to be introduced in 1975.