Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Barker places a high value on Outdoor Education, and on the opportunities that a carefully planned and graded Outdoor Education experience can provide for the personal, spiritual and social development of our students.

The Outdoor Education Program at Barker runs from Year 2 to Year 12. There are certain aspects of the School’s compulsory Outdoor Education Program that commence in Year 7 which lead your child, through a range of other activities. Barker is fortunate in that it is well resourced for the conduct of its Outdoor Education Program.

Extended Stay Program

Our unique Extended Stay Program to Alice Springs, is aimed at extending our students and also connecting with Central Australian cultures and developing relationships with members of a variety of Indigenous communities.  

The Grange

Barker owns its own Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies Centre, The Grange, situated at Mt. Victoria in the western Blue Mountains. It can accommodate groups up to 80 in size and contains a range of facilities. It is primarily used for class sized camps of short duration.

Barker owns two four wheel drive vehicles and a range of trailers for its own mountain bikes, canoes and for general duties, as well as maintaining a number of UHF hand-held radios, satellite phones, etc for communication purposes. In addition it is able to issue or hire to students backpacks, bedrolls, tents etc.

Cadets or The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

In Year 8 during Term 2, students elect to do either The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award or Cadets, or both, in order to fulfill their Outdoor Education commitment in Middle School. An initial commitment of 10 months must be given by all students when joining the Cadet Unit and a student's commitment to The Duke of Ed ceases at the completion of their Bronze level.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award helps equips young people for life and work. It is the world’s leading achievement award. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in student development beyond the classroom.