Barker Robotics

Barker Robotics

Barker's Robotics program continues to go from strength-to-strength demonstrating that Robotics is so much more than 'just the robot'.

Robotics at Barker

Barker Robotics provides a rounded educational experience, equipping students with skills that few other high school programs can offer. Teaching communication, teamwork, leadership and initiative, whilst having fun and pursuing their passion whether technical, business or artistic. Students are taken through an engineering process that involves designing, prototyping, constructing and testing their robot so that it can complete the tasks required to be a competitive player.

Barker has adopted a whole-school approach to its Robotics program with students able to participate in Robotics from Year 3. A dedicated Robotics Centre has been created for students to work together in a team-oriented environment. Through a rewarding and enriching program, we aim to maximise the creative and intelligent capacity of the students, challenging them to become better so they have the skills and confidence to do what they never thought they could.

Barker's Robotics program has attracted a lot of attention globally. In 2019, Barker assisted with the creation of the first FRC Team in the African Continent - Team 7523 - the Springbots, from public school students in Gauteng South Africa.  We also hosted over 200 students from international teams post-regional at the Barker Robotics Lab for a meet and greet. Our students continue to mentor Chinese teams in robot design and construction.

In 2019, the School hosted the annual VEX Robotics Competition Scrimmage and Tournaments, both of which have doubled in size since their inauguration in 2018.  We were delighted to have our team qualify for the VEX Nationals for a second year in a row. Barker were also the host school for the inaugural VEX IQ Challenge held in Sydney.

No previous skills are required to join the program - just curiosity, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Training, support and guidance are provided by Barker technical staff, teachers and industry mentors.

Travel Opportunities

All team members are expected to participate in the local Regionals in Sydney, Australia. If students wish to, there is usually an opportunity to participate in an International Regional each year, frequently in the first week of April. The Redbacks have also been fortunate in previous years to be invited to attend the Robotics Competition China, hosted at various cities around China, normally in August each year. Available positions for tours may be limited, and be offered to team members at the discretion of the Robotics Co-ordinator based on participation and effectiveness on the team. 

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Our Awards
Winning Alliance Southern Cross Regional, Sydney 
Excellence in Engineering Award Southern Cross Regional, Sydney
Quarter Finalist South Pacific Regional
Quarter Finalist Quebec City Regional
Chairman's Award Quebec City Regional
Quarter Finalist Turing Division at Championships
 Finalist  Duel Down Under
Quarter Finalist Qianjiang International Robotics Invitational
FRC Ambassador Award Qianjiang International Robotics Invitational


Engineering Excellence Award  FRC World Championships, Houston
Winning Alliance Southern Cross Regional, Sydney
Industrial Design Award Southern Cross Regional, Sydney
Finalists South Pacific Regional
Quality Award South Pacific Regional
Finalists Robotics Championships, China


Four Regional Titles More than any other team
6 Blue Banners in single season Equal 2nd for World Record
Innovation in Control Award World Championships, Houston
Winning Alliance Shenzhen Regional Competition, China 
Innovation in Control Award Shenzhen Regional Competition, China
Australian Regional Champions Southern Cross FRC, Sydney 
Excellence in Engineering Award Southern Cross FRC, Sydney 
Regional Champions   New York City FIRST Robotics Competition
Chairman's Award New  New York City FIRST Robotics Competition