Education that goes beyond the classroom

The experience inside the classroom is only one part of a Barker education. Co-curricular activities deepen the school experience for all our students, and from the arts to the sporting field, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and uncover their talents.

For Pre-K to Year 6 students we offer a broad range of sporting, cultural and recreational co-curricular activities. Throughout Years 7 to 12, our students have even greater opportunities to pursue their passions. As well as Drama, Music, Cadets and over 20 different sports, Barker students can challenge themselves in the areas of Robotics, Debating and Public speaking.

Our Secondary School students also take part in compulsory Outdoor Education Camps. In this unfamiliar environment, students connect with the natural world while building leadership and teamwork skills.

Did you know?

The earliest record of Drama at Barker is from 1914.

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