The House System at Barker

It was under the leadership of the School’s 5th Headmaster, Mr John Dewes, that Barker College first established a system of Houses for pastoral care and competitions. Although the School commenced in 1890, Houses were not introduced until 1959 and they have flourished in the School ever since that time. Barker’s Houses are an important part of our community life and have provided students an opportunity to build connections with one another.

With the advent of coeducation in the Senior School in 1975, older students moved from Houses to the Tutor system. This has been a successful part of the Senior School experience for over four decades and has offered all students the opportunity for a “fresh start” in the Senior Years. The Tutor system enabled students to adopt a more “pre-tertiary” approach to their education, whilst still enjoying the high level of pastoral support from a trusted adult mentor.

As the School begins its transition to full coeducation, an additional eight Houses will be established in the Middle School from 2019.  The 16 Houses will continue into the Senior School, which will enable Year 10 students to enjoy access to the House community but in an age-appropriate manner.

Joining our existing eight Secondary School House names, the list of sixteen individuals captures a strong sense of the cultural distinctives that collectively makes us Barker College. The booklet below describes the Secondary School House Names and opens the way to a very exciting future at the School.

House System

The first three dayboy houses were named Boyce, Butters and Wade after the first three Chairs of Council at Barker.