Textiles and Design

Textiles and Design

Practical experiences, experimenting and product manufacturing are integrated throughout the content areas and include the completion of textile projects.

The majority of student’s time is spent developing and assessing techniques used in the design and construction of quality textile items.

Throughout Year 12 students develop a Major Textiles Project including supporting documentation. The course provides pathways into further education and training or employment in textile related fields, allowing students who undertake Textiles and Design Stage 6 to contribute positively to industry and society.


Head of Department: Darren Woodrow
Email: dwoodrow@barker.nsw.edu.au


Year 11

Textiles and Design

In 2020, Year 11 students will study the following:

Art Fusion – Inspired by an Art Movement students produce a garment and document the processes in their folio.

The Australian Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Allied Industries (ATCFAI) – students study the role and impact of this union and the pressures faced by internal and external pressures on this industry.

‘Compositional Arrangement’ – students apply a range of elements and principles of design to create an appropriate composition which is produced using a range of textile techniques.

The Impact of the technology on the Textiles Industry - Students reflect on and evaluate the impact of technology, design and changing trends on the viability of the Textiles Industry in Australia and abroad.

Assessment Structure

Task 1: ‘Art Fusion’ – Practical project and folio

Task 2: ‘Australian Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Allied Industry’ – Theory

Task 3: ‘Composition Arrangement’ - Practical project and folio

Task 4: Semester 2 examination