Studies of Religion

Studies of Religion

Years 11 and 12


Head of Department: Tom Anderson

Year 11

Studies of Religion

Religion is an integral aspect of human experience and a component of every culture. It relates to humanity’s deep and abiding questions about the nature of reality, purpose in life and the existence of evil and suffering. Australia is a multi-faith nation and we need to know how to relate to and understand the worldviews of all those we meet and work with. In an increasingly globalised world, we need to know about the beliefs of others and how they make sense of life.

In Stage 6 Studies of Religion, we encourage our students to ask enquiring questions about the different world views we encounter and to develop the skills of critical analysis. We help our students to understand, with empathy, the beliefs and practices of other religions, where possible meeting people from other faiths. Students develop the skill of communicating their ideas in creative ways and through different mediums. We encourage our students to personally respond to what they learn, allowing their understanding to shape the way they live and interact with others. We do this in the context of the Christian purpose of the school.

Barker offers both 2 Unit and 1 Unit Studies of Religion. Whether both 2U and 1U classes run depends upon student numbers. The difference between the 2U and 1U courses is content and time. The 2U Course has double the content and 7 periods per fortnight, timetabled during the normal school day. The 1U course has 4 periods per fortnight and includes before school classes.

Preliminary Course topics include:
• The Nature of Religion and Beliefs (including aboriginal spirituality)
• Islam
• Christianity
• Buddhism (2U only)
• Religion in Australia Pre-1945 (2U only)
• Religions of Ancient Origins (Norse and Shinto) (2U only)

HSC Course topics include:
• Religion and Belief systems in Australia Post-1945
• Islam – depth study
• Christianity – depth study
• Buddhism – depth study (2U only)
• Religion and Peace (2U only)
• Religion and non-religion (2U only)

Assessment Structure

The assessment in Studies of Religion usually includes:
• Reports on excursions
• Research essays
• Oral Presentations
• Examinations