Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development

For Year 11 and 12 students


Head of Department: Tim Milkins

Year 11

Software Design and Development

This Computer Science course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to solve complex problems through algorithm design and software solutions. They will explore complex problem solving, individual and collaborative work and learn to code in a range of different programming languages. This course will include project design and management skills, computational thinking and collaborative team work, all skills to enable the students to be creators of their own software solutions, rather than consumers of others.

SDD Course Content
Preliminary Course (Year 11)

The focus of the preliminary course is to develop the foundation skills and understanding necessary to develop algorithms and software solutions to given specified problems. Students do this through examining contemporary issues and concepts in software development, learn skills in algorithm definition and coding program solutions and work through a structured development process of creating software solutions.

The Preliminary course content includes:

• Concepts and Issues in the Design and Development of Software
• Introduction to Software Development
• Developing Software Solutions

HSC Course (Year 12)

The HSC course is more specific in the fields that are studied. These include examining development and impact of software solutions, the evolution of software development methods and a detailed study of one of two different option topics. During the HSC course students develop programming practical projects according to the focus area being studied.

The HSC course content includes:

• Development and Impact of Software Solutions
• Software Development Cycle
• Option topics (one studied)
• Programming Paradigms.
• The Interrelationship between software and hardware

Assessment Structure
Year 11: 60% Practical : 40% Theoretical

Task 1: Project

Task 2: Project

Task 3: Examination

Year 12: 50% Practical : 50% Theoretical

Task 1: Project 1

Task 2: Topic Test

Task 3: Project 2

Task 4: Examination