Science Extension

Science Extension


Contact: Dr Katie Terrett and Dr Matthew Hill


Year 12

Science Extension

The course is designed for students who have attained a high level of achievement in one or more of the Science disciplines in Year 11 and are planning to pursue further study in STEM based courses offered at the tertiary level.

The Science Extension syllabus focuses on the nature, development and processes of Science. The course requires students to engage with complex concepts and theories and to critically evaluate new ideas, discoveries, and contemporary scientific research. They are challenged to examine a scientific research question drawn from one or more of the scientific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science and Physics. In doing this, students extend their knowledge of the discipline/s, conduct further analysis and authentic investigations and, uniquely for this course, produce a detailed scientific research report that reflects the standards generally required for publication in a scientific journal.

Course Overview
Year 12 Course 60 Hours Modules Indicative Hours Scientific Research Project
  Module 1 The Foundation of Scientific Thinking 10 Establish an area for scientific research
  Module 2 The Scientific Research Proposal 10 Formulate the question for research
  Module 3 The Data, Evidence and Decisions 20 Find or generate the data.  Apply methodologies to analyse the project data for the Scientific Research Project
  Module 4 The Scientific Research Project 20 Develop the Scientific Research Report and offer solutions to the scientific research question


2020 Suggested Projects
Assessment Structure

- Oral Presentation

- Research Methodology Processing Task

- Scientific Research Report