Information Processes and Technology

Information Processes and Technology

For Year 11 and 12 students


Head of Department: Tim Milkins

Year 11

Information Processes and Technology

This Computer Science course will provide students with opportunities to explore a vast range information processing, software and hardware technologies. Students will develop extensive skills and knowledge through immersive practical experiences in areas including the design of web-content, computer network systems, databases and automated systems. This course will include project design and management skills, problem solving, systems design, computational thinking and collaborative team work, all requirements for the emerging Future Skilled workplace.

IPT Course Content:
Preliminary Course (Year 11) 

The focus of the preliminary course is to develop the foundation skills and understanding of what Information Systems, how they operate and how to create them. Students will learn about the role and purpose of data and how through the information processes if is transformed into information. They will develop practical skills in the creation of interactive and online systems and a deep understanding of how data can be used though systems such as Databases. The

Preliminary course content includes:
• Information Skills and Systems
• Tools for Information Processes
• Developing Information Systems (Interactive systems)

HSC Course (Year 12) 

The HSC course is more specific in the fields that are studied. These include an in-depth exploration and application of Project Management skills, how to create, manipulate and use database systems and a detailed view of how technology communicates and can be networked. Option topics are also explored in the course and (at present) these are Transaction Processing Systems and Automated Manufacturing Systems. During the HSC course students develop small practical projects according to the focus area being studied.

The HSC course content includes:
• Project Management
• Information Systems and Databases
• Communication Systems
• 2 Option topics – (currently)
• Transaction Processing Systems
• Automated Manufacturing Systems


Assessment Structure
Year 11: 60% Practical : 40% Theoretical

Task 1: Project - Information System

Task 2: Project - Database and Webserver Technology

Task 3: Examination

Year 12: 50% Practical : 50% Theoretical

Task 1: Project 1 - UI/UX

Task 2: Project 2 - Communication System

Task 3: Project 3 - Creation System

Task 4: Examination