Food Technology

For Year 9 Students

The study of Food Technology provides students with the opportunity to make informed decisions based on knowledge and understanding of the impact of food on society, of food properties, preparation and processing, and the interrelationship of nutrition and health. This understanding enables them to design, manage and implement solutions, in a safe and hygienic manner, for specific purposes with regard to food.



Head of Department: Darren Woodrow

Year 9

Food Technology

Students studying Food Technology in Year 9 apply skills and gain confidence in managing, making and evaluating solutions for specific food preferences and diets.
Students in Year 9 will learn about Food Technology in the following four Focus Areas:

• Food in Australia
• Food Equity
• Food Product Development
• Food Selection and Health

Students are provided with opportunities to develop practical skills in preparing and presenting food to enable them to select and use appropriate ingredients, methods and equipment. They are also provided with a broad knowledge and understanding of food properties, processing and preparation methods. These skills are transferable to other study, work and life contexts that students may encounter.