Earth and Environmental Science

Earth and Environmental Science

For Year 11 and 12 students


Head of Science: Virginia Ellis

Year 11

Earth and Environmental Science

The Earth and Environmental Science Stage 6 course explores the Earth’s renewable and non-renewable resources and also environmental issues. An understanding of the Earth’s resources and the ability to live sustainably on the planet is a central purpose of the study of Earth and Environmental Science.

Earth and Environmental Science involves the analysis, processing and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative data in order to formulate explanations and solve problems. In conjunction with knowledge and understanding, communication skills are essential in forming evidence-based conclusions or arguments.

Preliminary Course topics include:

• Earth’s Resources
• Plate Tectonics
• Energy Transformations
• Human Impacts

HSC Course topics include:

• Earth’s Processes
• Hazards
• Climate Science
• Resource Management

Assessment Structure

The assessment in Earth and Environmental courses usually includes:

• Field Studies
• Depth Studies
• Oral presentation
• Examinations