Secondary School Library

Secondary School Library

The Barker College Library is a welcoming learning centre spread over three levels. The Library offers a dedicated fiction floor, a well-resourced non-fiction collection, individual and group study rooms, class-sized teaching spaces, computer rooms, laptop computers, wireless connectivity, digital signage and access to a host of online and print based educational journals, articles, websites and databases.

To help students develop interest and competency in reading, the Teacher Librarians provide, in collaboration with the English Department, two reading program: Book Bites and the Year 10 Reading Challenge.

Library Reading Time is a Middle School program designed to foster reading for pleasure and endorses the research-based premise that reading is an avenue to intellectual, personal and social development. A typical Library Reading Time consists of the Teacher Librarian introducing the lesson through a combination of new book promotions, reading recommendations and reading aloud, followed by an extended period of quiet reading. 

The Year 10 Independent Reading Challenge follows on from Book Bites. Once the students reach Senior School, it is important for them to become familiar with different literary styles. During the year, the students come to the Library six times where a Teacher Librarian introduces them to different literary genres and encourages them to read widely. 

The Barker College Library is also dedicated to developing digital literacies in students and, in particular, to master the ICT General Capabilities - Investigate, Create and Communicate with ICT as prescribed in the Australian Curriculum. The Teacher Librarians also work closely with the ICT Department as e-learning facilitators and trainers to help staff and students develop digital fluencies. Within the library, students are able to use multiple digital tools and devices to investigate, create and communicate both independently and collaboratively. 

Dedicated iCentral helpdesks are located on both the entry and ground floors providing IT assistance to both staff and students.

The library also includes an 84 seat/cinema lecture space.

The six Teacher Librarians at Barker College also work as subject liaison specialists in partnership with the various faculty departments to help maximise the learning outcomes of Barker students.

I invite you to further explore our tailored services and programs for student research and study and enjoy with us our love of literature and learning. Come in and Create, Explore, Investigate and Learn!

Mr. Jason Saikaly 
Head of Library Services

Library Hours 
Mondays to Thursdays 7:30am - 8:30pm
Fridays 7:30am - 4:00pm
Term Breaks 10:00am - 4:00pm
Last week of each break