In PDHPE we aim to foster lifelong health in our students and beyond the Mint Gates. Targeting the 5 dimensions of health; Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual, students develop understanding, skills and attitudes with a focus on positive health choices and improving movement efficiency.

Teachers aim to provide lessons that are:

  • Inclusive

  • Challenging

  • Encourage self-discovery

  • Enhance self-efficacy

  • Promote social awareness

Years 7 - 10 PDHPE

All students are involved in the mandatory Years  7 – 10 PDHPE course. Each year modules studied, aim to prepare students for the many facets of life. The development of social and emotional intelligence in order to take advantage of opportunities and cope with challenges is integral to student growth. The course aims to prepare students now and for the future by providing information and skills relevant to today and beyond. They are also encouraged to look beyond the Mint Gates and into the wider community to gain an understanding of global health.

Throughout the course students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning. A strong emphasis is placed on critical and creative thinking both in the development of movement skills and understanding the influences on health choices both individually and as a community. Staff impart a unique pastoral sensitivity in the teaching of PDHPE providing students with an inclusive, balanced and caring learning environment where all students are encouraged to learn.

Year 9 -12 Elective program:

For students who enjoy learning about sport, health and human physiology an elective pathway is available. The elective strand in PDHPE includes:

  • Year 9 and Year 10: Physical Activity and Sport Studies
  • Year 11 and Year 12: Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Learning theoretical concepts through practical application as well as the delivery of each course by passionate teaching staff, make these courses a very popular choice for students.

PDHPE is a life experience for students not to be missed! Our staff are cognisant of diversity in student abilities and create a learning environment where we aim to inspire every student, in every experience, every day.

Jason Cooper
Head of Department

Email: jcooper@barker.nsw.edu.au