Welcome to the Barker Languages Department!

Barker possesses an extremely vibrant, exciting and dynamic Languages Department which is passionate about promoting a rich culture of language learning that begins from the very first lesson in Kindergarten and continues right through to the most advanced and rigorous HSC Extensions courses.

We pursue academic excellence at all levels, with our dedicated team of teachers nurturing the talents of all boys and girls who are engaged in the study of a foreign language. We pride ourselves upon developing a stimulating and engaging learning environment in which every student is challenged to reach their full linguistic potential.

Our pedagogical approach is founded upon the philosophical conviction that studying foreign languages develops the essential skills required for understanding the modern world and thriving in today’s globalised economy. Research has shown that studying one or more foreign languages dramatically improves a student’s

  • cognitive and analytical capacity
  • problem solving skills
  • level of empathy towards others
  • ability to communicate in their first language

The department has a long and distinguished tradition of teaching Latin, French and Japanese to the highest level. Chinese is the fourth language that has recently been added to the curriculum.

At Barker you will find a thriving learning culture where our team of outstanding classroom practitioners works closely with each student to foster the habits of mind and intellectual curiosity associated with learning foreign languages. Our students have the opportunity to participate in Language theme days, performance evenings, regular exchanges and study tours to Japan, China, France and Italy.

The study of foreign languages is an integral part of the school’s enrichment program. Students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular clubs such as the Year 8 Calligraphy club and the Year 8 Ancient Greek club.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to find out more about the rich selection of programs and possibilities that the department offers.

Matthew Ross
Head of Languages