21st Century Learning

The importance of STEAM disciplines for the future economic and social well-being of Australia cannot be underestimated. 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEAM skills, with STEAM occupations expected to grow twice as fast as any other by the end of 2018.  44% of Australian workplaces that require STEAM skills, have trouble finding suitably qualified employees.


In this elective, the emphasis is on:

  • Cross disciplinary work
  • Meaningful learning experiences in context
  • Solving real world problems
  • Thinking and exploration
  • Open ended investigations
  • Activities to explore and develop ideas

Students undertaking this subject will develop an understanding of the role and potential of STEAM and the possibilities these areas bring for our students' future choices.  Problems tackled by the students will relate to present and future real world issues, with a practical relevance to scientific and mathematical concepts. Students will use a range of tools, technologies and processes to develop solutions to a wide variety of problems.  

Potential Projects
  • Solar cell projects - systems to be used across the school
  • Green energy projects - converting natural systems into useable energy
  • Robotics - potential link to co-curricular robotics and FTC
  • Video game design - scope for link to ICT course and joint project work
  • Automated systems for agriculture - auto feeding, vertical garden design


Virginia Ellis
STEAM Co-ordinator