History fires students’ curiosity and imagination, challenging and inspiring them with the dilemmas, decisions and persuasions of people in the past. It helps students to develop their own ideas and identities by engaging with history at a personal level to events of international importance. Significantly, History helps students to ask and answer questions of the present by deliberating questions of the past.

Students of History at Barker are encouraged to think about the nature of historical study. They are challenged with evidence and interpretations of the past and learn to cultivate explanations and substantiate arguments. These are skills that are valued in the history classroom and are also highly prized in an open society.

In each of these ways, History at Barker is thriving! History is a compulsory subject in Years 7, 9 and 10 and students have the opportunity to study Ancient, Modern and Extension History in Years 11 and 12. A genuine enjoyment of the subject is evident across the curriculum and I am proud to say that Barker enjoys one of the largest HSC History candidatures in the state.

Philip Mundy
Head of History
Email: pmundy@barker.nsw.edu.au

"History endows us with the invaluable mental power we call judgement."
-Woodrow Wilson