What We Offer

What We Offer

Year 8 - Stage 4 Mandatory Course

The Stage 4 Mandatory course is taught in Year 8 at Barker. For many students, this is their first real taste of Geography as a stand-alone subject. The course aims to raise students’ awareness of the world around them and introduce them to the many communities and environments within it. This is achieved with a mixture of geographical skills and content based activities. One of the highlights of the year is our Amazing Race where students consolidate content previously covered in class in a fun and exciting team based activity around the school campus. Our Fieldwork takes us to Manly and the Blue Mountains (see The Grange).

Year 9 - Stage 5 Elective Course

The Stage 5 Elective course is a practical student centred course. The students study both the physical and human elements of Geography. There is an overnight field work trip to the Illawarra that includes a variety of exciting yet pertinent activities such as snorkelling in the beautiful Bushranger Bay, a walk through the rainforest and a visit to the Jamberoo Action Park. Some of the topics include oceanography, infrastructure megastructures, terrorism and tourism and there is plenty of scope for the students to explore a topic of interest further.

Year 10 - Stage 5 Mandatory Course

The Stage 5 Mandatory course also embraces the new Australian Curriculum. Through a variety of learning and teaching strategies such as fieldwork, examining current reports in the media and group centred activities, students learn about sustainable ecological zones, patterns and trends in global population movements, environmental change and management and human well-being in the geographical context.
Lessons in Year 10 Geography include scope for students to demonstrate their prowess with information technology as well as developing new skills with geographical ICT programs such as Google Earth, Arcmap, Memory-Map and GIS. The combination of a thematic approach to the syllabus and higher order thinking activities ensures that new students to Barker are stimulated and enriched.

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Year 11 - Stage 6 Preliminary Course

The Year 11 Geography Preliminary Certificate Course involves the study of two discrete units namely Global Challenges and Biophysical Interactions. During the study of Global Challenges, students study the reasons for the varying rates of Population Growth and Movement throughout the world, in addition they study Development Geography and Natural Resource Use.

In the study of Biophysical Interactions, the students investigate the nature and functioning of the four components of the biophysical environment and how an understanding of these contribute to sustainable management. During the course of the year, students also design and research a geographical project based on human impact either on the biophysical environment or the built environment.

A range of geographical tools and skills are developed throughout the year in preparation for the HSC examination. Students also undertake a two-day fieldwork trip to the Myall Coast to investigate geographical processes, human impacts and in order to devise their own research task. They are also encouraged to formulate relevant sustainable management strategies.

HSC Course - Stage Six

The HSC Geography Course has three main topic areas and a skills component that has run throughout Stages 4, 5 and 6.

The three topics all have case studies to embed the principles taught in the units. The topics (Case Studies in brackets) are:
• Ecosystems at Risk (Homebush Bay Inter-tidal Wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef)
• Urban Places (Sydney and the suburb of Pyrmont) and
• People and Economic Activity (Tamburlaine Wines).

With the exception of the GBR, our Fieldwork program sees us visiting our Case Study locations allowing students to learn in "the real world".
As with Stage 5, students are exposed to GIS activities (see GIS section of this site). The students are also helped to improve their extended response (essay) writing skills and there are voluntary classes available for the students to improve their competence and confidence with the Skills component of the course

Barker Geography ...... preparing students for the world in which they live.

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