"Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future."

Michael Palin, English Comedian, Actor, Writer, Television Presenter and President of The Royal Geographical Society

Our Mission Statement

Geography at Barker challenges students to examine the environmental and human characteristics of our world, how and why they vary and how places are connected at the local, national and global scales. As we explore ways of managing the future of places including their environmental, economic and social sustainability, we seek to provide students with the intellectual and technical skills to become critical thinkers, life-long learners and active citizens.

In order to fulfil this, Barker Geographers are involved in learning inside of and away from the classroom.

People often ask how Geography translates to life beyond Barker.

Our world is becoming more technically oriented every year. Students who leave high school with a sound knowledge of computers are in an advantaged state when it comes to applying for jobs or entering university. Geography today is immersed in technology. Even in human geography, knowledge is gained through maps, satellite images and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Learning how to effectively use these imparts general technical knowledge that can be transferred into other areas. The Geographical Sciences specifically allow students to acquire a variety of skills through the use of varied media, including-

  • Collecting, analysing and synthesizing information

  • Research, thinking and organizational skills

  • Communicating ideas and information orally and through writing

  • Problem solving and decision making skills

  • Ability to effectively use maps, satellite imagery and databases

The Classrooms

Geography students work in a resource-rich environment. Most lessons are taught in specialist Geography rooms. These refurbished rooms also contain access to a large array of resources maps, posters, diagrams, magazine/newspaper articles and examples of finished pieces of student learning are displayed. Each room has a digital projector, bringing to life learning stimuli, documentaries, diagrams, and multi-media presentations. This helps create a vibrant venue for learning and teaching.

Out and About

Learning about our world means getting out and seeing it in action! Fieldwork is a crucial part of Geography at Barker. Homebush Bay, the Hunter Valley, Manly, Minnamurra, Sydney Tower, Mt Victoria, Newnes, Myall Lakes, Pyrmont, Barrangaroo, Timor-Leste, Cambodia and Vietnam are but some of the venues for our fieldwork. Seeing is believing as we equip our students with a capacity to be active enquirers.

Learning and Teaching

The Geography Staff are well-versed in the Teaching for Understanding program run by Harvard University. Our units of learning have been modified in order to embrace this philosophy. Units like Gone Fishing (8), Go With the Flow (9) Mad Maps (10), Waste Not, Want Not (11) and Cheaper by the Dozen (12) help ensure that our students have the best chance of a rewarding and interesting learning experience in this increasingly important subject.
We look forward to learning with you.

We look forward to learning with you.

Matthew Lloyd
Head of Geography