Computer Science

Computer Science

The Computer Science faculty at Barker is innovative and forward thinking. The computing curriculum is implemented to foster creative problem solving and the development and integration of practical skills. Students explore the exciting worlds of emerging and future technologies.

Through studying a Computer Science course students will develop knowledge and skills in computational thinking, creating solutions using hardware and software, the application and use of microcontrollers and emerging technologies, and the design and development of information and interactive systems. These cross-disciplinary skills are essential in our digital-rich world, nearly all future careers, and form the foundation of STEAM/STEM industries. Currently there are three courses in Computer Science taught at Barker.

Information and Software Technology
– An elective course for students in Year 9 and/or Year 10

Students in this course will develop skills and knowledge through immersive practical experiences and theoretical exploration of digital technologies. This course includes systems design, project development, collaborative team work, and computational thinking through algorithm design and computer programming. Topics explored include Digital Media, Software Development and Programming, Internet and Website Design, Robotics and Automated Systems, AI, Modelling and Simulation.

Information Processes and Technology
– An elective HSC course for students in Years 11 and 12

The business world, society in general, and even children are immersed in information systems. In this course, students investigate the life cycle of information, from its raw data form through to its transformation, display and use through information systems. Students are challenged to extend their systems-thinking skills through practical and theoretical exploration of relevant social and ethical issues. Students assess the impact of information systems, including their design, creation, and implementation using current and emerging technologies. Topics explored include Communication Systems, Information Systems and Databases, Project Management, Web Design, and Systems Development.

Software Design and Development
– An elective HSC course for students in Years 11 and 12

Software Design and Development involves creativity, computational thinking, problem-solving, algorithm design, innovation, and computer programming. Students will develop knowledge and use of a range of project development strategies, computer programming languages and communication and project management skills. Those who study this course are provided a systematic approach to problem solving and opportunities to design and develop software solutions to authentic, real-world problems. Students learning experiences include programming challenges, application development, designing user experience, gaming and web applications. Students are provided opportunities to explore different programming languages, including Python, Java and JavaScript, for different platforms, application or mobile uses.

Tim Milkins
Head of Computer Science