Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Legal Studies is an engaging study of the operation of the legal system in our society in Years 11 and 12. An awareness of the role of the law creates better informed members of society. A knowledge of the legal system is also increasingly important in the workplace.

Students learn about our legal system, including the sources of our laws in Australia, the court system and the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

Relevant and Contemporary

This knowledge and understanding is developed through case studies about relevant and contemporary issues, including criminal law and human rights. Students are introduced to fundamental legal concepts and terminology but are also encouraged to consider broader themes such as reform, morality and the effectiveness of the law.

Research and communication skills (both written and oral) are developed in this course. There is also an opportunity to see the law in action when they visit the courts. Students are encouraged to develop independent learning and research skills.

We also participate in the NSW Law Society's Mock Trial Competition. This gives the students the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the trial process and develop advocacy skills.

Legal Studies Course Outlines

Year 11 Year 12
The Legal system Crime
The individual and the law Human Rights
Law in practice Family Law
  World Order