Commerce is an elective which is studied in Years 9 and or 10. As you can see from the course outlines below, the students cover a wide range of subject matter. The classes engage in a wide variety of learning experiences that students use to discover their own preferred learning style. Our teachers create a positive and stimulating environment, providing learning and teaching activities ranging from webquests and presentations to group and on-line activities all of which our students find both challenging and rewarding.

A highlight of the Year 9 course is our involvement in the Australian Securities Exchange share trading game. The students attack this venture with great enthusiasm and they learn real skills and develop a clearer understanding of the world of finance whilst enjoying the competitive nature of the activity.

The Year 10 course provides the students with the opportunity to examine the rights and responsibilities that they will have in their very near future. The topics present many current real world issues which can be explored and their impact more clearly understood by the students.

Our courses are structured in a manner which allows the study of issues as they arise in the real world. Whether it be an upcoming election, a product recall, an important legal issue or an interest rate change, our classes study the event to deepen their understanding of the world in which they live and this truly makes the course relevant and enjoyable.

Commerce Course Outlines

Year 9 Year 10
Consumer Choice Political Involvement
Personal Finance Law and Society
Running a Business Global Links
Promoting and Selling Employment Issues
Investing Our Economy