Business Studies

Business Studies

This is an elective subject for Years 11 and 12. The course offers senior students the opportunity to understand the elements of running a successful business. As the course outline indicates, students cover business foundations in Year 11 and progress to an in-depth study of key business functions in Year 12, which when combined with a global perspective, provides students with an excellent understanding of the internal workings of a business.

There is a strong emphasis on case studies and skill development over the two year course. In Year 11, the students undertake an in depth study of a small business which allows them to become familiar with the interdependent elements of a profitable enterprise. Case studies bring into the classroom the reality that aids understanding, therefore allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills to a myriad of business scenarios. The skills of report writing, manipulation of stimulus material and interpretation of financial reports are all developed.

The wide range of learning activities including such things as webquests, oral and visual presentations, reports, hypothetical scenarios and problem solving provide a rich and challenging program for our students.

Business Studies Course Outline

Year 11 Year 12
Nature of Business Operations
Business management Marketing
Business planning Finance
  Human Resources